Get Stronger at Pull-Ups

In today’s video Coach Shawna goes over 3 pull up progressions you can use when you’re ready to transition from ring rows to the bar.

You can also use the progressions to add volume to your training to improve your current pulling!

The first progression is the inverted row.

This exercise is PHENOMENAL for working on pulling strength under control. By making the barbell higher or lower you have the ability to make the movement harder or easier. This also allows you to work the core stability while you’re pulling, as we like our athletes to pull in a “plank” position (keeping hips in a straight line from feet to shoulders). This also trains you to keep your rib cage down and stay tight the entire time.

Set the barbell up by deciding the level of challenge you need relative to what you’re going to do. If you have a lot of pulling reps in a workout set the barbell a little higher so you can do more reps at a time (but have it be perfect movement!). If the reps are lower (3-5) then lower the barbell to make the reps more difficult.

Make sure you’re pulling your chest to the bar every time, and don’t let your body sag at the bottom. And remember your thumbs should be wrapped around the bar the entire time!

The second progression is the feet assisted pull up.

This one is fantastic for the athlete who is ready to try hanging from the bar. This again is made harder or easier based on where you place the barbell. The higher the bar the less you will be able to use your legs. The lower the bar the more you can use your legs.

Get comfortable hanging on the bar first, then play around with where you want it for the workout. Set yourself up for success- don’t make it so high you end up on your tippy toes with a workout that has a ton of pull ups in it- we want the rest to be low so you can get LOTS of practice! And again wrap those thumbs around!

The last progression is the foot on box pull up.

By having one leg hanging off you’re creating more “dead weight” if you will which will make the pull up harder. This progression is also awesome if you’re working on learning chest to bars!

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