Kipping Pull-Up/Chest to Bar Program

Develop the strength and work on the positions to get your first kipping pull-ups or chest to bar, or build the strength to perform big sets!


  • $36.99
  • 6 Weeks Long
  • 3 Days a Week
  • Takes 30 minutes each session
  • Repeat as many times as you need to (lifetime access!)
  • You will need access to a pull-up bar, dumbbells, and exercise bands
  • Athletes do NOT need strict pull-ups first BUT should have the ability to hang from the bar for at least 15 seconds!

Movement demos are provided in the program in a VERY user friendly app called Sugarwod- you will never be lost or confused as to what to do!

You also gain access to:

  • Nutrition Support + 2 Nutrition Courses
  • Handstand Walking (from beginner to advanced)
  • 5 Days a Week Fitness Track (with minimal equipment needed)

You will receive coaching feedback and support in our private Circle Community as well as interact with other women on the same journey!