Pull-Up Program

Want to be sharing your success with your pull-ups, 8 weeks from now?

Let’s get after it!

➡️ You will NOT regret signing up for this program, so many female athletes are AMAZED at how strong they’ve gotten (and how fast they’ve seen it happen!!)


  • 4 Days a week
  • Get training done in less than 30 minutes a day
  • Designed for the beginner athlete
  • Lifetime access to the program (start, stop, repeat as needed)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Pull-up bar, dumbbells, exercise bands

$59 (one time charge)

*breaks down to 7 dollars a day …. to get your pull-up (and with the coaching help AND extra programming if you need it, it’s WELL worth over $200)!

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➡️ Have the goal of getting your first strict PLUS want to learn kipping pull-ups AND know you’re gonna get a chest to bar?

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➡️ Movement demos are provided in the program in a VERY user friendly app called Fitr- you will never be lost or confused as to what to do!

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Our program is THE BEST 8 Week Pull-Up Program!

You’ll receive coaching feedback and support in the Fitr App AND our private Circle Community as well as interact with other women on the same journey!

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💜 It’s time to gain confidence and get all the pull-ups 💜