WELCOME TO CFT- Programming designed specifically for women

Not only do we offer training for just about every athlete, we have an AMAZING women’s only group with coach support, nutrition guidance, AND daily notes on how to navigate your hormones around your training.

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For all Level of Athlete

  • 30 minutes
  • Scaling options are provided
  • Designed to be done in a home gym with minimal equipment
  • $18 per month


For all Level of Athlete

  • 60 minutes
  • Scaling options are provided
  • Equipment needed – barbell, pull-up bar, dumbbells, at least once piece of cardio equipment (rower, assault/echo bike, ski erg)
  • $39 per month


For Athletes wanting to become competitive in the sport of CrossFit. Advanced skills such as muscle ups as well as heavier barbells programmed. Learn more HERE.

  • 2-3 Hours Per Day, 5-6 Days Per Week
  • Equipment needed – barbell, pull-up bar, rings, kettlebell, dumbbells, and access to all 3 pieces of cardio equipment (rower, fan bike, ski erg) … you should have access to all pieces of equipment you would see in a competition
  • Focused only on what female athletes need – including an emphasis on gymanstics/upper body
  • Prior to starting this programming- athletes should have wall walks, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, handstand pushups, and be practicing kicking up for handstand walks prior (scales are available for the advanced gymnastics like muscle ups)
  • $59 per month

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