Aerobic Capacity

Want to improve on your aerobic capacity and conditioning? This is the program for YOU!

Week one is test week – you’ll test out your 1 Mile and 3 Mile Runs, 1 Min, 3 Min, and 10 Min Max Calorie bike, and 1k and 5k row.. then you’ll work on improving these over the next 5 weeks, with a 7th week added as retest week!

Not running 3 miles yet? Check out our 5k run program OR we can help you scale the running portion once you sign up.


  • 7 Weeks of Programming
  • 4 Days Per Week with an optional 5th day of Zone 2 Running
  • 30-50 Minutes per session
  • Fan Bike (echo or assault), row, and run
  • Coaching access and feedback through the app (private messaging with the coaches!)
  • Warm ups included
  • Designed to be added in with CrossFit programming
  • $59 (lifetime access)

Ready to crush your conditioning? Let’s DO IT ⬇️

Questions? Shoot us an email – info@competitivefemaletraining.com