Run and coached by female athletes who know the struggles and want to help as many women as possible feel amazing in their bodies 💜

$89 Per Month – month to month

A Nutrition Program designed to help you thrive in all parts of life:

➡️ Get help with grocery shopping lists, meal planning and prepping, and building a system of nutrition for your lifestyle

➡️ Learn to manage the highs and lows of hormones – from balancing your menstrual cycle by eating enough, to managing the symptoms of PCOS, to navigating the struggles of perimenopause and menopause

➡️ Learn to appropriately fuel your body for training and recovery

➡️ Have help increasing or decreasing what you eat to get stronger, lean out, and make permanent changes to your body composition

➡️ Develop sustainable and permanent habits of solid nutrition – including learning what you need to prioritize each day to feel good in your body but also being okay with occasional indulgences!

You get:

  • Personalized Macros or hand portions for your goals (including adjustments as needed)
  • An end of week google form check in with feedback, as well as meal prep recipes sent every Saturday
  • Weekly live group check in (on Mondays)
  • A daily program to help you stay on track in our app (each day of the week you will mark off if you tracked your nutrition, hit a minimum step count, moved your body, ate some veggies, and any other metrics you want to track)

You also get:

  • Tracking on our end for how often you log, with special surprises/prizes at day 28, day 60, day 90, day 180, and day 365 (the surprises get bigger the longer you are consistent with tracking/logging!).
  • An all women’s community full of individuals on the same path as you (including a group chat in the app)
  • A weekly focus/challenge to help you stay on track with at least ONE priority
  • Access to your nutrition coaches via 1-2-1 messaging

$89 a month, cancel anytime!

Questions? Shoot us an email – info@competitivefemaletraining.com