Hormones and Your Approach To Training

Each training day we give our athletes tips on how we want them to approach their training relative to where they are in their cycles.

The reality is that some days you just don’t have it in the tank to go hard, and some days you feel like you’re unstoppable.

From the ups and downs of progesterone and how it can impact sleep in your luteal phase, to the inflammatory response that’s part of the shedding of your uterine lining- deciding when you want to take it easy and when you should push is important not only as an athlete but as someone who wants to be able to recover well and have longevity in this sport.

Here are some of the tips we are giving our athletes regarding their training:

Follicular Phase Days 1-7

Period Week- how are you feeling today? Where are you in your cycle? Do you have the energy and the DESIRE to have a fantastic training session, or are you just stoked you made it to the gym? What can you do to make yourself feel better? Or do you have period power and you’re ready to crush it?

Hydrate, warm-up, make sure you’re well fueled, and then ease in to training and see how it goes.

Follicular Phase Days 8-14

Your hormones are supporting you to be powerful AF during this week of your cycle. That being said there are also times that between life, sleep, work, etc you might not feel amazing. If you DO feel great, this is the week to go heavy, create fast transitions between pieces, and push your body.

Luteal Phase Days 15-21

If you notice as you enter this time of month that your power does decrease, be grateful that we’re constantly training power, so you know what you’re capable of no matter what! Feeling sluggish? Take some extra time to warm up. Do things like box jumps, broad jumps, and shuttle sprints to get your system primed to be explosive.

Luteal Phase Days 22-28

Plan your week. If you’re more tired, cranky, and hungry this week- what are you going to do to set yourself up to manage this? Are you aware of the foods your body likes during this week to feel good both in and out of the gym? Some women find they do better with more carbs during luteal phase, while others find that eating more fat, especially around training, helps them feel satiated.

Trouble sleeping, especially getting closer to your due date for your period? Plan on taking a nap, make sure screens are off 30 minutes before bed, and have some carbs specifically FOR sleep!

Peri/MenoPause Notes

We talk about sleep a lot, because it can be a huge determiner of how you perform and recover.

If your sleep is just off right now, did you know there’s a direct correlation between anxiety and sleep? How’s your gut health? Are you having a BM two to three times a day? Anxiety= not so great gut health = can equal poor sleep.

Are you eating 3-5 servings of veggies a day, avoiding foods that irritate your stomach, and spending 10-15 minutes in the sunshine?

What questions do YOU have around your training and hormones? How can we help?

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