Managing Body Composition in Menopause

In this video Coach Shawna goes over her tips and strategies to work with your changing hormones to continue to thrive as you enter perimenopause, menopause, and post.

2 thoughts on “Managing Body Composition in Menopause

  1. Katie says:

    Oh, am I nearly in tears finding out this information exists? (answer: yes) Just heard you on Steph Gaudreau’s podcast and am so psyched to put this knowledge to use. Three years ago, at age 40, I had no idea about menopause (peri, post, ANY of it). I thought I had a decade to go before I had to deal with it. Surprise! I’m an early bloomer. And, at the time, new to Olympic weightlifting, which I found I LOVED. But now, in post-menopause at 43, I’m finding all kinds of weird things going on with my body, despite fitness and diet tracking (what I thought was a “good” diet), and have felt so depressed and demoralized the past couple years. But now, you’ve given me hope!


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