How CrossFit Builds a Culture of Health

When I was doing research for this article, I came across an article written in 2015 titled “How Will You Work Out When Crossfit Is No Longer Hip?”.

Of course I clicked on it, because the title is total click bait for the Crossfitters who are ready to come up in arms against the naysayers, and for the naysayers who enjoy trying to take down Crossfit.

But here’s the thing- that article was written six years ago- and not only has Crossfit NOT gone away, we continue to grow.

This is, in my mind, one of the coolest things on the planet. You can say I drank the kool-aid and I will gladly agree- because Crossfit is working on doing something that we desperately need done- building a culture of health around the world.

It only makes sense that Crossfit leads the way in what so many groups have been working on for at least the last 20 years.

We don’t just have an exercise regime or new diet fad- we have a LIFESTYLE, and it’s a lifestyle that many will argue we should all be adopting.

All you need to do is look at what Crossfit has done and continues to do.

The thousands of people who’ve lost hundreds of pounds since they joined a box, the abundance of stories of “Crossfit saved my life” because it made these athletes more resilient in the face of injury or illness.

Crossfit combines three of the most fundamental components of what we humans need: community, the need and desire to use our bodies, and the tribe mentality of working together towards a common goal (think of the metcon as the new age “hunt”).

We show up at the gym at the same times every day. Our coaches know our names, we have the same group of people (a lot of them end up being good friends) and we all work towards accomplishing what’s on the whiteboard. Then we end up as sweaty messes on the floor knowing that we did something, something that made us better human beings.

And it doesn’t start or stop at the gym.

Who we are as Crossfitters ends up being who we are as people.

The power of the metcon pushes us a little harder when we’re tired at work, or when we don’t want to do something we need to get done.

Our training impacts the rest of our life choices- from the foods we eat to how much sleep we’re getting. And no matter where we go we can always step into a box and be accepted because Crossfitters take care of other Crossfitters.

This lifestyle continues to impact not only the people who Crossfit, but hundreds of thousands of people associated with Crossfit. Look at how many charities exist because of Crossfit- how many WODS are hosted to raise money for someone’s loved one affected by cancer, or disease, or loss.

We are a force- a massive, driving force that only continues to grow.

The power that Crossfit and Crossfitters have is only gaining momentum. We have the ability to influence health on a massive scale. To show people why coming to the gym, lifting weights, being thoughtful about how you eat and live, living a prevention based life, is far better than living a life of reacting and treatment.

We get women in the gym who are strength training- increasing bone density, preventing osteoporosis, managing the effects of age.

We get kids in the gym who are moving and becoming confident with their growing bodies.

We get desk jockeys in the gym who are counteracting hours spent sitting.

We get novice exercisers who are beginning to understand and apply the steps of self-care.

This is HUGE- and it needs to be acknowledged.

We are motivating and inspiring thousands of people EVERY day to live better lives- and as obesity rates and comorbidities continue to climb– we have a weapon in this fight. A weapon that can possibly be used to help eradicate our current globally declining health status.

In the coming months and years it will be very exciting to watch how Crossfit evolves, and the positive impacts we have on the current health culture. And you can start taking bets now- Crossfit will be a major player at the table.

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