Your Hormones- Low Hormone Phase

Your Low Hormone Phase is day’s 0-14/15 of your menstrual cycle. It’s the start of your period to about 4 to 7 days past it (average is about 14 days). Its when you feel the most NORMAL and the least crazy!⁠

During your low hormone phase your progesterone levels drop which initiates the shedding of your uterine lining (this is why you bleed). Your estrogen levels also begin to return to baseline. ⁠

Your energy levels level out, and you become a little more emotionally stable (this most likely begins to occur 2 to 3 days into your period).⁠

As you return to baseline your pain tolerance increases, as well as your coordination and power production. You may notice you feel stronger in the gym and you can push harder in metcons. ⁠

Your temperature returns to baseline and your tolerance to heat increases.⁠

During this phase of your cycle you can add in additional strength components to take advantage of your current hormone status.⁠

You can also add in additional power/explosive training – we increase your strength and explosiveness during this time and your 80% during high hormone increases as a result!⁠

The ONE caveat to all of this is at the end of low hormone headed into high hormone (right around ovulation) you tend to have increased joint laxity as your hormones shift. This may mean you’re at a higher risk for injury. Be extra aware of moving well to ensure you stay healthy!⁠

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