6 Tips for Weight Loss in CrossFit

Many women join CrossFit to get into shape and lose weight … here are six tips to help make that happen (in a healthy fashion so you can lose the weight and KEEP it off!)

#1- Stay active outside of the gym

It’s VERY common for individuals when they begin a new exercise routine to actually decrease activity outside of their new fitness ESPECIALLY if you’re feeling super sore. But remember you have ADDED this movement to your life! This is also why using a fitness tracker is super useful to make sure you keep those steps up!

#2 – Eat before and after training

Fasted training is for the boys.. as female athletes we do better training in a fueled state (you can push harder, which gives you a bigger post training metabolism burn AND helps you build more muscle faster)

#3- Eat ENOUGH carbs

It can be tempting to cut carbs when you start CrossFit, but you NEED those carbs to be able to train and recover appropriately. Have at LEAST 20-30g before and after you fitness- we encourage athletes to get 120-150g per day (with most of them being whole foods)

#4- Get in your veggies

3-5 Servings a day! Vegetables aren’t about dieting, they’re about giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need to FEEL good, have a healthy digestive system, and keep your blood sugar balanced.

#5 – Eat your bodyweight in grams of protein

You probably already know this one, but it can be a GAME CHANGER for weight loss – protein not only helps you feel full, it boosts your metabolism by eating it (called the thermodynamic effect of food) – start with 1g/LB of body weight (if you’re over 200lbs you can stop there – we know after that it can feel impossible to eat more).

#6- Commit to CONSISTENCY with these habits for 4-6 months MINIMUM

Getting in your steps, eating your veggies, fueling for training, and getting in enough carbs and protein set you up to slowly lose the weight and get the body composition you want- these are the habits that will help you stay feeling good for LIFE!

Need help with making all this happen? Check out our Nutrition Coaching! Questions, drop them below ⬇️