Supplements for Female Athletes – Beta Alanine

Do you take pre-workout? Have you ever noticed the tingly feeling that might come with the hit of caffeine?

Or maybe you caught Mat Fraser talking about the newest addition to his supplement stack, Beta Alanine? 

This supplement has a lot of great science behind it, supporting its positive impact in cognitive function and improving muscle fatigue. 

So what exactly IS Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a beta amino acid, which in short means where the carbon molecules are attached to the amino group. Where the carbon attaches determines its function. Beta Alanine is used to create carnosine, which is a molecule used in the body to:

  • Manage Ph levels
  • Scavenge for free radicals
  • Protect against effects of aging
  • Support a healthy heart

Naturally occurring carnosine comes from consuming animal products, but studies show that by consuming beta alanine an individual can increase carnosine levels in the body. The tingling you feel when taking your preworkout is called paresthesia –  with the active theory believing that the supplement is “firing up your nerve signals”.

Why is having higher levels of carnosine beneficial for you as a female athlete? Because carnosine helps decrease how quickly your muscles fatigue (think faster Fran time!), as well as increasing overall endurance.

The recommended dose of Beta Alanine is 4-6g per day, with full effect seen after taking daily for 4-6 weeks. You can take it in smaller doses throughout the day to minimize the tingling effects. Be sure when choosing a supplement that it carries the “NSF Approved for Sport” Certification or a similar seal to ensure the product is not made in a facility where they process banned substances.

Do you take Beta Alanine? What are your thoughts? Comments? Feedback? 

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