Eat More to Lose Weight? Really?

Well yes. Sort of.

How can this be? Because we aren’t necessarily saying “eat more calories” unless you are a chronic dieter. We are saying eat more VOLUME of food.

At the end of the day weight loss/physique changes are still about less in/more out (this is basic science team- it does get more complicated than that, but you only eating 4 slices of bread a day is gonna eventually make you real skinny).

The eat more method works because you are:

*Changing/addressing eating habits
*Eating more consistently
*Getting more nutrients in
*Swapping out high cal/processed for low cal/whole foods
*Not bingeing/snacking/overeating

Okay, so let’s delve into this.

First, I find that a lot of people have two very common habit patterns when it comes to eating.

They either go all day without eating then eat a ton when they get home, or they deprive themselves all week then go crazy on the weekends (or a mix of the two).

So this sets you up to be in too much of a deficit during the day/week and a calorie surplus on the evenings/weekends- which then potentially affects lean muscle mass (think losing muscle) while gaining fat. All while wreaking havoc on your metabolism.

So eating more to lose weight generally consists of eating throughout the day, eating reasonable portions consistently, and eating more nutrient dense foods that fill you up.

You swap out the donut for the gluten free waffles with strawberries and all of a sudden you have twice as much volume of food and you stay fuller longer.

Think I’m crazy? Try it for one week and see how you feel! Swap out just one high calorie/processed meal for the same amount of calories in whole foods and look at how much more food you have!

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