3 Day a Week Gymnastics Program


This add-on style program is ideal for the athlete who wants to continue to follow their gym or communities current program while having intentional accessory work to help make improvements in gymnastics technique and capacity.

The program includes 3 sessions per week with each session focusing on a specific gymnastics movement, following a 6-8 week cycle. After the cycle is complete we will rotate to new movements.

Each session will include 2 options: One if you’re trying to get the movement for the first time, and one if you have the movement but want to increase the capacity. For example if we’re focusing on strict pull-ups there will be an option for those looking to get their first strict pull up, and for those who are looking to go from 1 strict pull up to many.

$24.99 Per Month – try it free for 5 days

Questions? Reach out info@competitivefemaletraining.com