The Ultimate Nutrition Program for Female Athletes

Unlock your confidence with increased strength and dominate your performance with the ultimate nutrition program for female athletes. Personalized nutrition, designed to support your life, health & fitness goals.

What would you do, if you had more confidence, strength and support to crush your goals?

Are you wanting to lean out, get stronger and dominate your life, health & fitness goals? But motivation, knowledge or accountability has been a struggle bus?

How Our Proven Nutrition Program Helps To Keep Things Simple, Fun & Effective

Designed by female athletes, for female athletes.

  • ULTIMATE – Combines all 8 elements of our individualized Programs.
  • MINDSET – Get started with professional guidance and coaching to unlock your mindset & motivation with a unique masterplan.
  • GOAL SETTING – Build on your strengths and easily overcome your weaknesses with support and accountability. We take the time to understand your journey and current habits & behaviors.
  • PERSONALIZATION – Simplify knowing how much to eat and when, with your preferred method & personalized nutrition guide. Choose coaching options between “macro coaching” or “portion control”.
  • CLEAR ACTION STEPS – Bonus material to download with supportive action points to help create a sustainable process, inline with your goals.
  • HORMONES – Disclosure on how to match your hormones, menstrual cycle or menopause with your food, sleep, stress & fitness.
  • MEAL PLANNING & PREP – Learn the secrets of eating for your goals without spending hours in the kitchen or blowing the grocery budget with our meal planning and prep module.
  • SUPPLEMENTS – Beat the supplement industry with an extensive review of what supplements women really need and when we need them.

Steps To Success

What to expect when you get started.

  • Your Personalized Plan– We help you create the ultimate plan you need to crush your goals. It’s more than just macros, using our proven nutrition system we show you the what, how, why & when.
  • Professional Support and Accountability- Regular progress review and check-ins with your coaches (including direct/unlimited messaging). Easy-to-use online delivery and tracking applications are designed to make your life and achieving your goals inspiring, empowering and educational.
  • Community & Inner Circle– Surround yourself with a group of like minded, badass women eager to help each other become the best, strongest, most well fueled versions of themselves!

Pricing options

Weeekly check ins, working with 2 nutrition coaches, support, education, accountability, community, 6 months of group coaching, and the ability to make permanent and lasting changes to your nutrition habits!


  • Regularly added program material – As Natalie and Shawna learn and grow they take what they’re learning and create content for program participants. Continuing education on things like menopause, hormone imbalances, digestion, sleep, even training modalities!
  • Access to CrossFit Programming- FREE Women’s only CrossFit programming – from focusing on gymnastics, to getting stronger in your Olympic lifts – CFT is designed ONLY for the needs of women!
  • For a Limited Time Get TWO 30 minute private sessions with the coach of your choice.