Accessory Programming

Love our programming but want to do your gym classes well?


We lovingly refer to this program as “all the extra stuff you need to be doing” – these are the pieces we think will be the most beneficial to our female athletes still participating in class wods.

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Programming is available via SugarWOD with the entire week’s training posted on Saturday evening.

We do things like:
  • Muscle Up Progressions (jumping, banded, etc for bar and rings)
  • Pull-Ups
  • Bench Press/Pushing Work
  • Weighted Lunges
  • Handstand Walks/Wall Walks
  • Shoulder Building Exercises (Presses, Lateral Raises)
  • Gymnastics Skill Work

The program is typically 30-45 minutes per day and covers what we think are THE MOST important things our female athletes need to work on.

Check it out for 7 days to see what you think – it’s FREE!

If you love it, it’s $28.99 a month, comes with a coach monitored Facebook group, very active community, and an ever evolving program designed to help you become the athlete you want to be!